Our Services

We offer a range of services that assure speed, accuracy and privacy. We consider it a privilege to serve patients because we understand the importance of the results we provide.

Laboratory Medical Directorship

Our pathologists serve as medical laboratory directors overseeing more than 3.4 million clinical lab tests performed each year for Mount Carmel Health System, and ensure that the laboratories provide quality service in all aspects of testing. All Mount Carmel laboratories are CLIA certified and College of American Pathologists accredited. COPA medical laboratory directors are responsible for maintaining these high standards.

Clinical Pathology Services

In addition, our board certified pathologists are available for clinical laboratory consultation to clinicians in all areas of lab testing including microbiology, hematology, chemistry, coagulation and transfusion medicine. Our pathologists with specialized training in hematopathology provide interpretation of flow cytometry, which is performed in-house.

Anatomic Pathology Services

COPA pathologists provide anatomic pathology services including evaluation of approximately 50,000 surgical specimens and non-gynecologic cytology specimens annually, along with 15,000 cervical cytology specimens a year. In addition we receive specimens for evaluation from multiple sites outside the Mount Carmel Hospital system including surgical centers and physician offices.

We provide rapid interpretation of routine specimens, with more than 90% of routine reports made available within 24 hours. Comprehensive anatomic reports are provided, including synoptic cancer reporting in the approved American College of Surgeons/College of American Pathologists format.

Our pathologists are available on-site at the Mount Carmel locations for intraoperative frozen sections and rapid interpretation of fine needle aspiration specimens to ensure specimen adequacy.